BJBJ B20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Earbuds 2 in 1

Model No: b20
Speaker earbuds 2 in 1
Bluetooth Version: 5.2
Talking /Music Time: 6-7 Hours
Speaker Playback time: about 5-6 hours
Charging Time: 2 Hrs
Operating distance:10m
Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
Charging case Battery: 800mAh
Earbuds Battery: 30mAh
Charging voltage: 5V DC
Speaker Size : 5.98 *2.28 inch
Microphone: with a microphone
Touch control
Type-c port
Speaker Material: ABS

BJBJ B20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Earbuds 2 in 1

Selling point:
External Bluetooth and speaker earbuds combination-wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and speaker combination shock your ears
360° sliding design coverage, slot on the top, one key to getting the music experience you want
Wireless fingerprint touch- operation, realize master-slave switch button, multi-function operation is simple and convenient
The choice of breathable canvas material is more in line with high-quality home fabrics in terms of material selection, and the human voice feedback close to real people makes it more affinity.
You can hang the backpack on the bicycle while traveling. It has a light and compact body that can be easily put in a pocket and carried with you. Hang the speaker anywhere on the handle or bag.


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