Why are earbuds better than earphones?

Are wireless earbuds better than wired earphones?

Wireless earbuds and wired earphones at the end which are better to use and have better sound quality?
Modern science is changing rapidly, and more and more new technologies are audio contemporary life trajectories in all aspects. Especially in the field of earphones do you have a feeling that people with wired earphones in life listen to music, running, and fitness scenes less and less, more and more people began to choose wireless Bluetooth earbuds, today we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of wireless Bluetooth earbuds and wired earphones

The advantages of wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Now most wireless Bluetooth earbuds have long supported APTX and AAC technology, the transmission speed has increased by more than three times, and effectively reduces the audio file over-compression, to achieve the effect of high fidelity sound transmission, from the technical content alone, wireless Bluetooth earbuds than wired earphones are more competitive, is the main direction of the future market

The disadvantages of wireless Bluetooth earbuds

As we all know, since the birth of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, “battery life” has been a lot of users of the slot, and even a lot of people out for a walk on the power, this point in recent years of technological innovation has been greatly improved, many excellent brand products have been able to reach more than 10 hours of battery life, fully meet the daily use

Bluetooth technology progress

In addition, I have the impression that Bluetooth technology and hard, is the lag, remember when I was a child-parent cell phone Bluetooth device, no experience to speak of, but with the rapid development of technology today, Bluetooth technology has been very mature, can be said to almost say goodbye to the era of lag, even if there is some lag human ear can not identify completely does not delay the daily use
Bluetooth earbud’s sound quality distortion is also gradually disappearing, thanks to digital processing technology and Bluetooth technology to further complement each other

Most wireless Bluetooth earbuds are waterproof

Waterproof wireless Bluetooth earbuds can be used in life to prevent sweat and rain, sports and fitness as well as running wireless Bluetooth earbuds, in sports using wired earphones is often very inconvenient, this time the advantages of wireless Bluetooth earbuds are more prominent

waterproof wireless earbuds

The advent of noise-canceling earbuds makes life and work more efficient

bjbj tws Noise Cancelling earbuds

The harm of noise to the human body should not be underestimated. In a continuous strong noise environment, it will not only affect people’s sleep quality, but also damage people’s hearing, and even cause damage to people’s nervous system, such as dizziness, dizziness, and other phenomena, and then produce some irreversible harm.

So people choose to use earbuds to isolate the noise. But ordinary earphones can only cover the noise through physical noise reduction or increase the volume of the way to cover noise. I do not know this not only can not listen to beautiful music, for their hearing will have a certain negative effect, at this point, but the emergence of noise-canceling earbuds is also particularly important. However, in the face of such devices, people will always be questioned, afraid that they pay an IQ tax. Then why not come together to analyze it?
Can effectively reduce external noise earbuds are called noise-canceling earbuds, according to the design principle are divided into two main categories, namely, active noise cancellation and passive noise reduction in two forms.

Passive noise-canceling earbuds

The passive noise cancellation earbuds noise reduction principle is simple and brutal, mainly through physical isolation or using the special structure of the earbuds to try to absorb the blocked noise. Because of this, in the use of materials will choose high-density isolation material, so the earbuds will be slightly heavy, and long-time wearing will have a certain impact on comfort. And its limitations are large, passive noise cancellation earbuds are mainly for high-frequency noise pollution, for noise pollution below 800Hz and lower frequency band if you want to achieve the best ideal effect will need to pay a higher cost, while the earbud’s internal noise reduction materials will be heavier, and thus lost the practical significance.

Active noise cancellation earbuds

Active noise cancellation earbuds can completely solve the problems of passive noise cancellation earbuds, mainly achieved in the elimination of low-frequency short noise pollution in this case. Its internal has a system used to eliminate noise

The external microphone of feed-forward active noise cancellation earbuds usually faces the outside and collects the external ambient noise through the sound transmission hole of the earphone. When the external microphone collects the noise signal and transmits it to the secondary source through the ANC control circuit, there is no feedback loop. However, it will play a good noise reduction effect for stable noise, but the application range will be greatly limited, and usually only appear in low-end earphone products.

The inner microphone of feedback active noise cancellation earbuds is inside the earbuds, usually placed at the entrance of the ear canal. When the inner microphone collects the noise entering the earbuds, it generates a secondary acoustic signal of equal amplitude and frequency with the opposite phase through the ANC noise cancellation processing circuit, and finally transmits it to the secondary source, which releases the noise with the opposite phase to realize the active noise cancellation operation. Feedback-type active noise cancellation earbuds within the microphone will usually be in the vicinity of the secondary source and can be a more realistic response to the noise felt near the hearing, so the effect of noise reduction will be better, but the internal structure will be relatively complex.

The advantages of wired earphones

Sound quality is more stable, you can effectively avoid interference, and do not have to be afraid of losing earphones in the streets or rushing to the subway

The disadvantages of wired earphones

The wired earphones as its name, especially in the wireless Bluetooth earbuds market is getting bigger today, a wired earphone is the most impact on the use of experience is “wired”, earphone line is very easy to tangle, hang, remember their wake up in bed neck was wired earphone tangled scene? Remember the feeling of suffocation in your sleep? Out of sports is also inconvenient, compared with wired earphones, Bluetooth earbuds are more in line with people’s daily commuting needs

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